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300 Register, 300 Show Up

It’s always nice to hear about event media that works. My wife does marketing for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Like most major accounting firms they have an extremely tight relationship with their clients. When there are major issues of concern for their clients, they organize and execute informational webcasts. My wife recently managed a webcast on some esoteric issue in international tax law. She told me that they had over 300 registrants. I asked her what the attrition was. She asked me what I meant. “How many people actually logged in?” “300,” she said. They have 0% attrition.

I’ve done webcast events for B2B media companies where attrition was as high as 80%. PWC has 0% attrition because they’re so closely integrated with their clients. If you’re producing webcasts, it’s worth asking how you can achieve a similar level of integration with your target audience.

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