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I Just Blogged About The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written

January 14th, 2011 No comments

Hot NewsLike you, my inbox and RSS feed is bursting with press releases. Most, I ignore. But I had to stop what I was doing and read The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written. This release certainly lives up to its aptly descriptive title. According to sources very close to the author of this release, “the science behind this Earth-shattering news release lies in its simplicity–no science, just pure old press release craftsmanship.” Industry wags and mucky-mucks broadly echo this sentiment. According to some, just linking to this press release can greatly increase reader interest in a blog post. “I liked it, so I thought I’d blog about about it,” said I, the author of this blog post. “IMHO, others may be interested in it as well. Only time will tell.”

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