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In Marketplace365, Performance-Based Marketing Meets Virtual Events

Marketplace365It has been interesting to see the “virtual event” platforms forge closer and stronger ties with the gatekeepers of content, including media firms, consultants, and (in some cases) vendors. On24, Webex, and Unisfair have all pushed further in this direction. Now, Onstream Media has launched new virtual event platform (Marketplace365) that is pushing the partnership paradigm further, allowing a producer to start virtual events for free and pay only as they generate revenue.

At B2BPresence we believe that the Google AdSense “pay-for-performance” approach will eventually clone and adapt itself to every marketing ecosystem. Marketplace365 has opened the door for performance-based marketing in virtual events, and competitors will have to take notice.
Virtual Edge carried an interesting overview of the platform, and an interview with Onstream Media’s CEO Randy Selman. Marketplace365 is a self-service environment for exhibitors, speakers and show producers, and the company claims that event producers can set up an entire event in a little as 9 days with no IT background and just basic computer skills. Selman touts the platform as a “true, 365 day a year marketplace where people can hold events, run expositions and drive traffic year round.”

Virtual events, as a one-off deal, necessarily lack the SEO leverage that comes from an enduring web presence. Marketplace365, as single platform that aggregates content, claims to have a leg up in the SEO game. That makes sense, but of course the proof will be in the search results.
At B2BPresence, our emphasis is on hybrid event models that enable real human interaction. We’ve produced and participated in “virtual events” and we’re still of the opinion that these are just informational web sites. However, these models will continue to thrive and will influence the development of live events. We look forward to further developments.

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