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I Doubted Twitter and Twitter Forgave Me, Part II

We regarded Twitter as a forum for teenage chat until we gave it a try and found that it drove a lot of traffic to our web sites. Audience acquisition is an obvious application for Twitter, as I wrote previously. A quick look around the web shows that a lot of event managers are using Twitter to connect with attendees and exhibitors prior to events and on site.

BusyEvent in their blog entry described a number of interesting ideas for integrating Twitter into the activities of a conference, including digital signage. One comment: they suggest setting up a twitter feed based on the name of the event. I would suggest that the event Twitter feed be delivered under the name of someone associated with the event—conference chair, editor, association executive. A person-to-person feed always grabs the user much more than a “brand” feed. Great Idea: get attendees to provide their Twitter name when they register, and make this information available to other registrants.

Among other things, this blog entry from MeetingsNet contains some good ideas on the use of Twitter as a way to get your audience involved in building conference content, and to battle attrition. Here’s where getting attendees to “follow” each other comes in handy—when they see the feeds coming from their colleagues onsite, they’re going to want to jump in the car. Last week I saw dozens of feeds coming from SXSW conference, and I wish I had been there.

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