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I Doubted Twitter and Twitter Forgave Me, Part I

We do a lot of posting to promote events and web sites. For almost a year, I’ve focused heavily on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Groups, Facebook. (There also seem to be a lot of Ning-based industry sites popping up recently.) Twitter seemed like a lightweight entry into the category of social media, and I regarded it as a playground for tweens with a lot of free time.

This month I finally got around to making a half-hearted promo effort on Twitter. I was surprised to see the number of “followers” we were able to acquire without much effort, and after a few brief promotional “tweets” I was startled to discover that Twitter was driving almost 20% of the traffic to the web site we were promoting.

So I’m sold on the potential, and trying to develop my own brief on best practices. A couple of orgs that seem to be doing a good job touting their events: Glue Conference, organized by Phil Becker, who built the impressive Digital ID World. Also I get a lot of messages from Lauren Touby of Mediabistro, who frequently mentions that she “has a few discount tickets” available to her events.

These messages seem personal in a way that email does not. Maybe it’s because this is new. I’d be interested in hearing about other events that are leveraging Twitter. I’ve also seen some interesting ways that Twitter can be integrated into an event on-site. I’ll write about that next.

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    Great job with the info. How did you find it? Please let me know.

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